10 Tips to Create the Illusion of More Space for Small Homes

We all know by now we should de-clutter to make rooms appear larger but who wants to pack away that treasured antique furniture that dear ole grandmother gave you?

It might be time to try some decorating tips that will help you make rooms look larger and use your space wiser.

1.Go Vertical

Extend cabinets, wall units and bookshelves to the ceiling; especially the kitchen cabinets.

2.Go Lighter

Paint walls light or use pale colors which make the rooms look wider.

3.Go Brighter

Use recessed lighting, inexpensive wall sconces and standard tube-like skylights instead of table or floor lamps; light closer to the ceilings also widens a room.

4.Add a Splash of Wow! Don’t Be Boring

Adding bold accents with varying patterns, prints and colors can deflect thoughts that a space is small. This is an area which you’ll want to experiment. And separating the walls of a small room into blocks of color can also add visual depth.

5.Utilize Wall Space

Place hooks and magnetic strips on walls in the kitchen and elsewhere and use them to hang pots, pans and other objects to off tables and counters. This emphasizes focus from smaller units to the walls.

6.Size Matters

Measure your space and furniture before any purchase. Couches designed to hug walls are a great way to open up a room, and armless couches and chairs can create the illusion of space. Floor cushions are a good alternative to create seating without adding more furniture and can be easily stored when not in use.

7.Watch Your Angles

Furniture that sticks out at the wrong angle in a small room can draw the eye and make it appear even smaller.

8.Make a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

Small bathroom design can be made to look larger with a few fast easy decorating tips. Enhance small bathroom space using pale, cool colors that reflect light; whites, pastels, and neutral colors to make the bathroom appear larger than it really is.

9.Small Dining Rooms

The easiest way to create more space in a small dining room is to downsize the table. A small dining room table, or one with removable leaves that can be stored away when not in use, will go a long way in making the room look more open and spacious.

10.Decorating for a Small Living/Family Room

It is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, especially for purposes of entertaining and relaxing, so decorating a small living room to be warm and inviting yet still appear spacious is very important. Sometimes the most effective way to increase usable space is to simply reorganize the furniture. Get as many items off the floor as possible by repositioning them on shelves if possible.

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